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Automatically Creating Folders for Video Files that will be Converted to Blog Posts

Creating Folders for videos files that should be converted to blog posts

What we’re going to discuss today is a little more complicated process, but when it’s done, it’s going to save a lot of time for you. We’re going to talk about how you can automate the entire process of turning…


How to Organise Your Content By Creating Folders and Folder Tree through Zapier

creating folder and folder trees with Zapier

Data-storage has always been an issue for small and large businesses. Although it’s not always about saving files since we’ve got high-storage drives, there’s a risk of losing your content when it comes to retrieving the right information. With data…


Zapier Video Automation Part 2: How To Organise Video Captions in Google Drive Automatically

How To Make Sure That Video Captions End Up In The Right Folder in Google Drive

Process Automation not only saves ample amount of time, but it also keeps us from getting distracted by things that are not directly related to the core of the business. To plan things accordingly, we continue to check on our…


Automating Video Captioning Using Zapier

For all those marketers and entrepreneurs who always complain about busy schedules and lack of spare time to think about expanding their business, we have some exciting stuff to share. Or should we say, life-changing stuff? We continue to talk…


How to Automate Your Bookings Through Zapier

how to get auto booking from Zapier

Automation is a cool way to get lazier. It helps you save time and think about other creative activities you can associate in your life or business. So, if you’re one of those folks (or want to be one) check…


How To Maximise The Success Of Your Client Acquisition System

Crowded House was right… we all need a Private Universe. Your Client Acquisition System is your opportunity to create one for each of your prospects, on their way to becoming clients. It all begins with a straight-line journey, the most…


Don’t Break These Two Rules In Your Lead Generation System

Two Rules of your Lead Generation System Just to recap, your Lead Generation System is the first of three foundational systems in your business. It allows leads and prospective customers to raise their hand and indicate their interest in what…


What’s A Prospect Matrix, And Why Is It Vital To Your Lead Generation?

Who are you talking to? The conversations you have with the leads you attract through your Lead Generation System, should be designed around where those leads are when you first make contact with them. Too many businesses try to market…


Build Or Fix THIS Key System First

System 3 – Client Fulfilment This is all about how you do what you do. How you deliver value to your clients and customers. What should happen for every client or customer, in order to deliver value? Now this is…


Getting Clients Is NOT The Same As Making Sales

System 2 – Client Acquisition The second system we’ll look at is your Client Acquisition System. Think of this as your factory. You take the raw materials – leads – and process them through your business, in order to produce…