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System 3 – Client Fulfilment

This is all about how you do what you do. How you deliver value to your clients and customers.

What should happen for every client or customer, in order to deliver value?

Now this is not just about your product or service… it’s also the environment you create for your team to function in.


Let’s look at another example from sport… back to the All Blacks.

Dan Carter played for the All Blacks from 2003 to 2015 and is the highest points scorer in Test Rugby, nearly 300 points clear of the next guy on the list.

Dan Carter held an 89% success rate with the All Blacks. (The All Blacks won 89% of the games he played in.)

Both of these statistics are evidence of his incredible work rate and skill, and an achievement very few can match. Nobody looks like beating his records anytime soon.

However, it also points to another achievement.

It is a team sport.

The real achievement to focus on here is that the All Blacks created an environment where someone like Dan Carter could realise his greatest value.

Two key factors to highlight:

  1. The right training and fitness processes to ensure minimal time out with injuries, and rapid recovery from injuries when they occur;
  2. Dan Carter was fortunate enough to play for the best team in the world, which gave him more opportunities to succeed.

But I don’t play rugby!

Clearly, unless you are running a sports team, you’ll have to transfer these points into your business and industry.

Have you put the systems and processes in place that allow your star players to deliver with an 89% success rate? Do your systems allow you to know what the success rate is?

Have you created an environment which allows everyone on your team to succeed to their maximum ability?

Your systems and processes will have a direct impact on your team’s morale and motivation, and this will impact on their ability and willingness to deliver for your customers.

Service or Product?

Don’t think that this only applies to product manufacturing and delivery. Every business is in the business of delivering value, and that requires the right systems and processes.

One example is to remove mind-numbing repetitive tasks through automation and integration. This will allow your team the time and energy to focus on the relationships and details that really matter to your clients and customers.

They’ll be able to focus on the quality and value they deliver, and not the endless micro tasks which fill their day but achieve very little.

As an example, we have a process that runs from the moment someone schedules an initial consulting call with us, up to the point where we start a project.

72% of this process has been automated. Everything that happens in this process has to be done (we’ve eliminated any unnecessary steps), but that doesn’t mean a human has to do them.

And this 72% automation is a time saving of nearly 2 hours per customer. Without the automation in place, we’d probably need an additional person on the team, just to ensure all these items are completed.

The cost of another employee, to perform tasks they will be overqualified for, will be 20 or 30 times what the system costs on a monthly basis, and we get the benefit every day.

How much more could your team achieve, if 72% of the menial tasks they perform every day were automated?