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How To Maximise The Success Of Your Client Acquisition System

Crowded House was right… we all need a Private Universe.

Your Client Acquisition System is your opportunity to create one for each of your prospects, on their way to becoming clients.

It all begins with a straight-line journey, the most direct path from Lead to Customer.

Our example business has three steps in their straight-line journey, and untold routes built around that.

Our main steps are:

PDF Download ➡︎ Attend A Workshop ➡︎ Become A Client

The reality is that only a tiny fraction of your customers will take this direct route.

If you don’t allow for all the other possible routes a prospect might travel before they become a customer, you’re missing out and losing a lot of business.

Lead Journey

Getting to Second Base

For this business, the first key step is for prospects to attend a workshop. Most won’t register at the first time of asking, and some may not show up.

This is where your automated systems come into their own.

This is not about spamming, but about delivering value to every person who shows some interest in what you do.

In the above diagram, a prospect can receive multiple ‘touches’ once they’ve downloaded your PDF. The content they receive could be sent out as part of a one-to-one conversation, but then you’ll either need a team to do this for you, or it simply won’t be done.

This is why automation is the key.

Focus on a single outcome

At this stage in the journey, the focus is not to get a customer, but to get prospects to show up for your workshop.

Every email, video, podcast episode, article etc, should ocus on getting the recipient to register for your workshop.

Remember, ‘workshop’ is just the next step in our example business. What is the next step in your business?

If you talk about the workshop and also about becoming a client, you risk confusing your prospect. And a confused mind takes no action.

This focus allows for the fact that any of the items in this side of the universe could be the trigger that moves your prospect to take action and register for your workshop.

Every stage in the journey needs a mini universe

Once someone has registered for and attended a workshop, we can then focus on getting them to become a customer.

Your content and language will be different here, because you now know more about your prospect. You know they’ve been to a workshop, so you know what information they’ve had to date, and can reference that directly.

Again, create as many opportunities as possible for your prospect to make their decision and become a customer.

Your business is like a motorway

If the M40, a motorway in England, went from London to Birmingham (which it does) with no off-ramps between the two destinations, it would get far less use than it does today.

All along the motorway there are opportunities to turn off and go via somewhere else. Service stations to stop at, villages to visit and other towns or cities to stop at.

All these options are what makes the motorway so busy. Not everyone simply wants to go from London to Birmingham.

Build your own network

When you map out your own possible universes, think of it like a network. The more ‘nodes’ on a network, the more valuable it becomes. The more options and opportunities you can create for your prospects, the more business you will get.

Start by mapping out the key milestones – the equivalent of London and Birmingham. All the slip roads and turn-offs from the M40 would have no value if the motorway did not connect those two key cities.

Once you have your milestones, create at least five additional ‘touches’ between each of the milestones. Once you start to map this out, you’ll be well on your way to creating a unique universe for each of your prospects.

The next step is to automate this process, to ensure it runs all the time, for every single prospect.

The majority of your prospects will go the long way round, and you’ll want to give them every opportunity to find their way back to you.