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The ONE Thing Your Lead Generation System Should Achieve

System 1 – Lead Generation

The first of the three key systems for your business we’ll look at is the Lead Generation System.

To be clear, this is not about making new sales. You’ll be asking far too much of your Lead Generation System, and you’ll be often disappointed with the results, if you rely on your Lead Generation System to get you new sales.

Not about sales?

Your Lead Generation System has two key functions:

  1. A successful Lead Generation System allows your prospects, and future customers to raise their hand and say ‘I am interested in what you are offering’;
  2. Your Lead Generation System is only complete if it also allows you to identify those prospects by capturing some contact information.

Very much like dating.

Let me tell you about the night I met Sophie, now my wife, nearly two decades ago.

The short version is, I was managing Sophie’s local pub. We got talking, she stayed behind for some drinks after we shut, and I walked her home.

I was about to leave her at the door to her house, when she turned to me and said: ‘So, are you going to take my number or not?’.

You see, I didn’t have a complete Lead Generation System. I’d done all the hard work of getting to know her name; I knew what she was studying at university; we shared similar music interests etc. But I nearly dropped the ball by not securing a way to follow-up and start building a relationship.

It would have been foolish of me to simply think ‘Well, she’ll come into the pub again, I don’t need to do anything else’.

Looks like 80% doesn’t want the business.

I see so many businesses who do pretty much the same thing. They do all the hard work to get visitors to their website, event, exhibition stand or store, and then do nothing else.

Or worse, they collect contact details, and never get in touch with those contacts.

We wanted to have some work done at our house last year – decorate the outside and some landscape gardening.

I set about getting quotes. I contacted five decorators and five landscape gardeners.

I have yet to hear anything from 4 of the 5 gardeners. And I don’t mean I am waiting for quotes. No, I have not had anything, not even an acknowledgement of my enquiry.

I heard back from two of the decorators. One of them simply sent me an email saying: call me on xxxxx to discuss.

That was it. No ‘hello’. No ‘thank you for your enquiry’. Needless to say, I never called him.

Are you guilty of this? What can you do?

How can you make sure your business doesn’t behave like this? What are the key elements your Lead Generation System should consist of?

  1. Remarketing Pixels
  2. Email Opt-in
  3. Automated Email Follow-up


These days, you don’t need to know someone’s name and phone number in order to follow up with them. Both Facebook and Google allow you to collect lists of website visitors, in order to put online ads in front of them.

This allows you to carry on the conversation and start building a relationship.

Email Opt-in

This has also been around for a long time You offer a free guide or checklist on your website, in return for an email address.

The key here is that there is only value in doing this if you then follow-up with the people who request your free guide or checklist.

Automated Email Follow-up

The key here is AUTOMATED. You and I both know that you and your team are busy and no matter how important it is to follow-up with leads generated online, there will always be something more important that gets in the way.

Alongside that, you shouldn’t be spending your time sending emails to these leads, at least not to begin with. Not all leads are created equal, and you need to focus your time on the ones most likely to convert. (More on this in tomorrow’s article.)

It has to be an automated, integrated system.

The key to a successful Lead Generation System is ensuring it does not rely on humans remembering to take action. Don’t rely on your team to remember to follow up, and don’t rely on the prospect to remember to come back to your business.

A very simple Lead Generation System might look a bit like this:

  • Drive traffic to your website;
  • Ensure you collect Google and Facebook remarketing audiences;
  • Ensure there is a low-commitment download or opt-in on your website. (Ideally several);
  • Show an ad to everyone who visits your website but doesn’t opt-in, offering them the same or an additional download/guide/video etc.;
  • Deliver automated email follow-up to all those who do take your download.

Admittedly, it can be a lot more complex and clever than this, but unless you have the basics in place, there is no need to focus on the bright shiny objects.

Automation plays a crucial role here. You write the emails once, and they get delivered as and when someone gives you their details on the website.

What is even more important is that, unless you are in online retail, don’t go directly for the sale. Deliver value.

Can you now see how this blog helps our business?!

Ask questions, so your prospects can respond and start a conversation.

Never Stop

Your business will always need more leads. Just because you are busy today doesn’t mean you don’t generate leads today. This is a system after all, and the system needs to keep running.

If you would like more detail on this and the other key systems your business needs, grab a copy of Barefoot Business below.

See what I did there?! 😉