Christian Wiles

Automate Today LLC

When I first heard about the “Lazy Entrepreneurs” program, I was intrigued.

Knowing Pieter and Peter for several years now and doing multiple implementation with them in the SaaS world, I can speak from personal experience regarding their integrity, their brilliance, and their work ethic.

I have known these guys to be people of their word. If they tell you something, you can pretty much take it to the bank. They know what it means to give you their word and to keep it. They do “the right thing.”

Their approach to problem solving is collaborative and is expressive of their unique and combined skill sets. They each come at problems from a bit of a different vantage point. One is more “artsy and abstract” using the full-capabilities of the creative right-brained thinking, and one is more left-brained “logical and linear” diving in and tearing apart the problem to its core and building a solution that will meet the given set of criteria. I will let you figure out who is who…😊

Together, their unique giftings add to a collective powerhouse whose energy can be harnessed to solve the deepest of issues in and surrounding you and your business.Then there is grit. As uniquely different each is in their own giftings, they share a common bond, the desire to see everything there is about the matter at hand and exhaust every avenue until the matter is solved or completed. That matter can be a unique business problem, whether tech, process or people-related, it doesn’t matter. Within their collective genius there is a solution and the desire to just get it done.

I highly recommend working with these guys. They are the “real deal.”